Family & Caregiver resources


Guide for Caregivers

Are you wondering how to best support a child currently going through the continuum of care at the Zebra Child Protection Centre? Please consult our Guide for Caregivers.

Victims of Crime Financial Benefits

You or your child may be entitled to financial benefits through the Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program. Please complete the application below.

Victim Impact Statements

A victim impact statement is a written statement, often read aloud in court or silently by the Judge, that describes the physical or emotional harm the victim of an offence has suffered. See below for more information or to fill out your victim impact statement.

Victims of Crime Portal

If your child is a registered victim of crime, you may want to receive information and updates from the Correctional Service of Canada regarding your case and the correctional status of offenders. This service is available to any registered victim of crime and/or their representative.

Has your child shared a sexual image/video with a peer? The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has created a Resource Guide for Families to assists parents in adequately responding to a self/peer exploitation incident.

Self/Peer Exploitation