Frequently Asked Questions


How are children and youth referred to the Zebra Centre?

The Zebra Centre is not a direct reporting source. We take referrals from our onsite and community partners including the Edmonton Police Service, RCMP and Edmonton and Area Child & Family Services. When a report of abuse is made to these agencies, our goal is to bring that child in for his or her forensic interview within seven days or less - often within hours in a crisis situation.


How do I recognize the signs of child abuse?

No two children will experience trauma alike. Although a drastic and prolonged change in behaviour is cause for concern, it is not necessarily indicative of abuse. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has great resources outlining certain behaviours that may be worth exploring.


How do I report child abuse?

Under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, anyone who has reasonable and probable grounds to believe a child is being sexually abused, physically injured, emotionally harmed or neglected has a legal obligation to file a report with the authorities. For more information, please click here.


How can I get involved with the Zebra Child Protection Centre?

From volunteering and attending events to donating goods or fundraising, there are plenty of ways to get involved with the Zebra Child Protection Centre. Learn more here.


Do you accept donations of gently used items?

When a child receives a gift from the Zebra Centre, we want them to know it’s just for them - that's why we only accept donations of new toys, clothing or other items. To find out what items we are currently most in-need of, please click here.


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