Types Of Abuse

Child abuse is anything that intentionally endangers the development, security or survival of a child.


Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is the improper exposure of a child to sexual contact, activity or behaviour. It includes any sexual touching, intercourse or exploitation by anyone in whose care a child has been left or who takes advantage of a child. This now includes technology facilitated sexual abuse, online luring and non-contact sexual abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the intentional use of force on any part of a child’s body that results in serious injuries. It may be a single incident, a series or a pattern of incidents.


Neglect is any lack of care that causes serious harm to a child’s development or endangers the child in any way. Physical neglect is the failure to meet the child’s physical needs. This includes failing to provide adequate nutrition, clothing, shelter, health care and protection from harm. Emotional neglect is the failure to meet the child’s need for affection and a sense of belonging.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is anything that causes serious mental or emotional harm to a child. Emotional abuse can take the form of verbal attacks on a child’s sense of self, repeated humiliation or rejection. Exposure to domestic violence and severe conflict in the home, forced isolation, restraint or causing a child to be afraid much of the time may also cause emotional harm. Emotional abuse rarely happens once.