The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Zebra Child Protection Centre and is responsible for exercising governance authority, setting policy direction, and implementing the Zebra Centre's Mission, Vision and Values in all areas.

The Board is comprised of executive members, general members, and partner liasons who work in collaboration with our multidisciplinary partners to achieve an integrated and effective child advocacy centre in Edmonton.


The board is comprised of both executive and general members who continue to evolve, develop, and adapt to the Zebra Centre organization and child protection sector.

Every so often, the Zebra Child Protection Centre Board of Directors must recruit for general and executive board positions to replace retiring members. When vacancies present, any interested member of the public may apply.

We are currently seeking energetic, skilled individuals to become part of a strong, diverse team as a General Board Member.

Board structure

Being a member of the Zebra Child Protection Centre Board is a rewarding and meaningful volunteer experience. As the governing body for the Zebra Child Protection Centre, trustees help address the needs of the children and families we serve, and the wishes of staff, stakeholders, and donors.

Trustees are actively engaged by management to provide strategic direction for the Zebra Centre rather than providing tactical or operational advice. The board is comprised of 22 voting members and ex-officio members which include representatives from the Hospital, AHS and the University of Alberta.

Application process

The Zebra Centre board attracts excellent candidates from across Alberta. As as a multidisciplinary organization, diversity within the board is of high importance. Members from different disciplines and backgrounds are of great value and are essential in achieving the Zebra Centre's vision and mission.

Board members serve a three-year term with the option of one renewal term. Board members attend quarterly board meetings. All meetings are in Edmonton; however participation by phone and video conference is available. A general board member commits on average between 25-30 hours a year, with executive members committing to approximately 50 hours a year.

In addition to the board of trustee meeting schedule, all trustees are requested to participate in a minimum of two fundraising events per year, either as a volunteer or participants


A large component of Zebra Centre's success is based on fundraising initiatives, donor recognition, and transparency surrounding the impact of donations. As an ambassador of the Zebra Child Protection Centre, all members are expected to assist in fundraising initiatives which can include but are not limited to: attending events, recruiting donors, leveraging connections and recognizing donors for their contributions.

Zebra Ambassador

Meet at least 10 times per year

  • Sit on one or more committees of the Board

  • Attend various child protection related events during the year

  • Willingness to progress into Board Leadership roles

Board Commitment


We are looking for individuals who have significant experience and can provide insight and guidance to the organization. Some of the key characteristics and traits being sought include:

  • Ability to provide insight and counsel to the strategic direction;

  • Strong business acumen, organizational development and use of technology to enable organizations;

  • Experience and understanding of key themes such as quality improvement, risk management;

  • Proven business leadership;

  • Self-starter with the ability to absorb information and synthesize into constructive feedback;

  • Community leadership/presence;

  • Political acumen/influence.

A short list of candidates will be presented to the board of trustees at the June board meeting. Candidates must be approved by the board before they are offered the opportunity to join the board of trustees.

New trustees begin their term in June with an onboarding period over the summer. During this time the board chair will meet with the successful candidates to plan their committee and volunteer commitments for the coming year.

Timing of recruitment

For those interested in becoming a General Board Member, the Zebra Centre asks that the following information be sent to: using the subject line: General Board Member Application.

  • A person’s CV or resume

  • A letter of intent explaining their interest

All candidates are important and bring value. Based on the makeup of the current trustees, there may be some skills that the Board is seeking over others. Skills are broken up into areas related to expertise, knowledge of industry, areas of inclusiveness and diversity and connectivity to the Zebra Centre, including past volunteerism.

Selected candidates must successfully pass an EPS (Edmonton Police Service) and Children's Services security clearance before being accepted as a member.