Where Kids Can Tell

Every child has a story. It's our job at the Zebra Child Protection Centre to listen.


Child abuse in our community


In 2008, there were 14,403 substantiated cases of child abuse in Alberta.*


36% of adults in Alberta have experienced some form of child abuse in their youth.*


90% of children and youth supported by the Zebra Centre know their offenders.


Police receive 5 times more reports of sexual violence against children than adults.**


*Alberta Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect, 2008. Child Abuse and Mental Disorders in Canada, 2014. **Stats Canada, Family violence in Canada: A statistical profile, 2011.


What we're doing about it


1,515 kids supported in 2016, an average of 126 per month.


Zebra Centre made 13,260 Support Contacts in 2016.

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