How does your gift provide support?


The support of our community allows us to continue advocating for children and youth who have experienced abuse. Together we can create a future where every child has a voice and child abuse is not tolerated.


Give Home

Home is not always a safe place for some children who visit the Zebra Centre. A $50 gift can allow us to provide a backpack filled with comforts of home to a child who waits to be placed in safe care.

Give Hope

A visit to Hope’s Toy Closet is a small step towards restoring hope and security. A $100 gift can ensure the best room within our Centre is stocked for visits from children whose bravery is worth celebrating. 

Give Support

A donation in any amount will be valued and appreciated. Your donation will be directed to where it is currently needed most, with each dollar used towards creating a safe place where kids can tell.



Have your donation matched!
From February 1 to September 3, you may wish to make your donation to the Zebra Child Protection Centre through the Birdies for Kids program. 100% of your donation will be directed back to the Zebra Centre, with the Shaw Charity Classic matching donations up to 50%.


Give Time

A child needs to feel the support of someone who is looking out for them. By giving your time, you will help us continue to advocate for their rights.

Give Goods

Beyond monetary contributions, your donations of brand-new toys, toiletries, select clothing and gifts are always valued and appreciated.