New mural breaths new life into the Zebra Centre

Still under construction, the entrance to our new Centre lacks the colour and comfort of what awaits on the other side of the door.

A child's big imagination coupled with a recent traumatic experience can make walking through this door a very scary thing - an experience filled with uncertainty and hesitation. We’ve made it our mission to ensure when and child and their caregivers enter our space, they know everything is intentionally placed with them in mind. From the bright colours, child-sized furniture, quilts and other comforts, the Zebra Centre is designed to make a child feel safe, supported and at ease.

In late 2016, with great anticipation and excitement, we partnered with Ladies on the Green to release our very first ‘Call to Artists’ – asking local illustrators to submit their proposals for a new entrance mural.  As the submission deadline loomed, the interest became overwhelming and we were left with the daunting task of choosing just one.

The decision was going to be hard. Stacks of submissions filled our ‘yes’ pile, but as we flipped the page to view a black and white rendering on one particular submission, a collective gasp filled the air. We knew what we saw would be the image to fill the 12 foot expanse of blank wall.

Crystal Driedger's black and white rendering of "We've Got This". The final product will be infused with colour and whimsy!

Crystal Driedger's black and white rendering of "We've Got This". The final product will be infused with colour and whimsy!

From the moment we met Crystal Driedger, we sensed that her passion for children and community would translate into an incredible piece of art. When danger appears in the wild, zebras form a protective circle around their young. To us, her mural symbolizes just that - protection, support, compassion and hope. It will be the first thing a child sees after coming out of the elevator on our floor.

Crystal’s vision wouldn’t be reality without the support of one particular partner. The Ladies on the Green committee have truly made their mark on the Zebra Centre - not only within our hearts, but within the rooms and on our walls. Through community donations gathered by the Ladies on the Green Golf Classic, the committee has provided us funding to purchase new furniture and hang art on our walls – including our future entrance piece!

Stay tuned as we show progress and work to unveil our new mural this spring!

*Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Zebra Child Protection Centre through Ladies on the Green. Tickets are now onsale for this year’s Ladies on the Green Golf Classic!

Wren, Fossey and Fletcher by Jason Carter - also donated by Ladies on the Green.

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