Give the gift of warmth this holiday season

Homemade or new blankets are among our donation needs this holiday season.

Homemade or new blankets are among our donation needs this holiday season.

As the weather changes, so too do our donation needs. Along with colder weather and seasonal celebrations, the holiday season ushers in a need for heavier clothing, blankets and Christmas gifts.

Warm your heart and the hearts of others by donating to the Zebra Child Protection Centre this holiday season. You can get involved in the following ways:

Backpack Home Program
Home is not always a safe place for some children and youth who visit the Zebra Child Protection Centre. We rely on community donations to allow us to provide a backpack filled with the comforts of home to a child who waits to be placed in safe care. As the thermometer dips, we begin to fill backpacks with blankets and outwear, two items we are currently most in need of.

Hope's Toy Closet
A visit to Hope's Toy Closet is our way of celebrating the bravery of the girls and boys who come to the Zebra Centre to share their stories. You can get involved by hosting a toy drive or an office challenge to ensure it's stocked with great gifts this holiday season!

Seasonal Gifts
At the Zebra Centre, we aim to make the holiday season special for the children and youth who come through our doors. You too can lend us a hand by donating Christmas stockings, Christmas crafts and other holiday themed items.

Please contact us to arrange a donation.

Click HERE for a complete list of our seasonal needs.

While we appreciate the generosity and kindheartedness of all our donors, only donations of brand-new, unused items can be accepted.

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