About Zebra Centre


Who we are

When danger appears, zebras form a protective circle around their young. Our multidisciplinary team works the same way.


The support we provide


Child Advocacy

Our advocates are here to ensure a child’s needs remain everyone’s top priority. 


Forensic Interview

A recorded conversation where the child can tell their story in a safe and comfortable environment. 


Very Important Paws

Wren, Fossey & Fletcher are here to provide comfort within our Centre and at the courthouse.


Hope's Toy Closet

A very special place where bravery is celebrated with a new toy or quilt.

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Backpack Home Program

Every child in need leaves with the appropriate clothing, pyjamas and personal items.


Care Calls

We provide regular check-ins to offer file updates, referrals and emotional support to caregivers.


Crisis Response

We provide 24-hour crisis response and advocacy to children who are in immediate need of intervention.


Trauma Referral Program

We connect children to trusted counseling and trauma support professionals in the community.


Court Preparation

When a case proceeds to court, we offer court preparation, a key step in addressing myths or fears that surround the court process.


Court Accompaniment

We stay with children and families throughout proceedings, liaising with those involved & guiding them through the process.


Our Process

We bring together a community of professionals to provide a continuum of support for children and youth throughout the entire disclosure, investigative, judicial and healing process.

What is Child Abuse?

Simply put, child abuse is anything that intentionally endangers the development, security or survival of a child. Child abuse includes emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and online exploitation.

If you are unsure, please know a report can be made anonymously to your local police detachment or Child and Family Services.

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